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The idea to start Savena Soap came to me in 2002 when my second son was born. For the first couple of months, he had a lot of dry skin and other skin issues. The doctor recommended that I use soaps and lotions whose main ingredient is oatmeal.

It was difficult to find soaps consisting of only natural ingredients, mostly made of oatmeal and glycerin. Most commonly available were commercial soaps consisting of caustic soda which would cause reactions for my son.
In that very moment, Savena Soap was born. With the creation of my own soap based with glycerin and other natural ingredients to treat my baby’s skin, I noticed a change after the first use.

I researched positive effects Savena had to offer and the idea kept growing. This brought the opportunity for me to introduce Savena to friends and family, who have all benefited from the changes in their own skin.

With our allergen-free soaps based on glycerin and rich natural products, the vision of Savena Soap has given thousands of people and children the satisfaction of healthy and moisturized skin. Know about sinkki testosteroni.

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